Great Christmas Gift Ideas for an Anxious Child

This has been quite a difficult year for a lot of children so I thought it would be nice to put together a Christmas gift ideas for an anxious child.


Christmas Gift ideas for an anxious child

I do hope you find this list inspiring, do leave me a comment with ideas of your own I’d love to hear them!



Create Your Own Calm – book Gift Ideas for an Anxious Child

In a world that’s increasingly chaotic and uncertain, Create your own calm sets kids on a path to becoming emotionally resilient and helps them to take practical, positive steps towards being calm and happy.

• Full of simple, practical ideas to help manage feelings of stress, anger and anxiety
• Fun activities that can be done on their own or with friends and family
• Try out yoga, grow a pizza garden or go cloud watching
• Learn about the surprising science behind emotions along the way

This is my latest book and it has been receiving such lovely reviews it warms my heart!

You can buy Create Your Own Calm for around £8 form Amazon and all good book shops


Christmas Gift Ideas for an Anxious Child


 A set of worry dolls – Bedtime Gift Ideas for an Anxious Child

Worry dolls make a lovely Christmas gift idea for an anxious child


These dolls are handmade by Mayan Indians in the highlands of Guatemala. A legend in Guatemala says worry dolls drive away sadness and worries. A child should tell each of the worry dolls a worry and put it under their pillow before they sleep. According to legend, the next morning all their worries should have disappeared.


Five minute journal –  Journalling Gift Ideas for an Anxious Child

This lovely five-minute journal helps anxious kids focus more on positivity  – it contains 5 daily questions to help kids cultivate gratitude, change how they feel, alters the actions they take, and teach positive habits for years to come!

Sounds pretty fabulous to me.



Gift Ideas for an Anxious Child


A Lava Lamp

Nothing is quite as entrancing as a lava lamp

Kids can watch the different-sized formations of melted wax collide, flow, and split apart as they ooze their way up and down the glass globe and give off soothing and gorgous colours. bewitching and deeply relaxing for an anxious mind.



Christmas Gift Ideas for an Anxious Child



A worry monster – perfect gift ideas for an anxious child

Worry monsters are seriously cute and somewhere safe for a child to put their worries – The worry monster’s motto is ‘We eat your worries’. They are recommended by psychologists and teachers to act as a waste bin for the fears, troubles and woes. They cokme in loads of different designs and they really are super sweet.




A Year of Nature Craft and Play

Getting kids out in nature is distracting, healthy, fun, cost free and a great balm for anxiety. Nature Craft and Play is a beautifully illustrated activity nook ( and I co-write it!) 

A year of nature craft and play is packed with activities to help relax and soother an anxious child




Gift Ideas for an Anxious Child – further reading

I hope you have enjoyed taking a look at these Christmas Gift Ideas for an Anxious Child – do you have one to add?

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