Comparing the cost of living around the world.

When I was 18 and a student I went to  live in London. The cost of living blew me away compared to Nottingham where I live and my student grant just didn’t stretch far enough. I did not last long.

In my mind  (probably shaped by those long ago memories) London remains a very expensive  place to live.

I have a cousin that lives in Sydney who has a very lovely life and Australia has a huge appeal to me, wide open spaces and lots of opportunities. I would like to go there very much and possibly even live there one day. Do I think it is an expensive place to live? Possibly but not like I think London is expensive.

london bus

Lastly I come to Los Angeles city of the stars to my mind you have to super rich to live in Los Angeles. (well it looks that way on TV) and in Heat magazine.

My understanding of cost of living across the world is tenuous built on vague memories, TV shows and other people s reflections.

However I have found a brilliant tool that allows me to compare cost of living in 3 cities at a time. I love this interactive guide from Budget Direct

It looks at 3 different cities you want to compare and draws comparison on cost in the following areas

  • Living
  • Nights out
  • Shopping trip
  • Date night
  • Getting Around
  • Earnings
  • Health & Fitness
  • Weekly Shop

Would you believe an apartment in Los Angele’s is cheaper than in Sydney or London?

That earnings are higher in Sydney than the other cities.

That milk is most expensive in London.

Sydney is the most expensive place out of the 3 to keep fit with London hot on its heels.

That the price of petrol and public transport are most expensive in London (Think I was right about London!)

I think I may be heading to Los Angeles!

There are nine cities to choose form and you can compare up to 3 at anyone time.

How very interesting.

Just shows how wrong perceptions of cost can be.




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  1. October 16, 2013 / 15:46

    When I moved to LA from Bournemouth, everything seemed so cheap compared to UK prices which was odd for Americans because, compared to the rest of the States, California is one of the most expensive places to live…you’re right, it’s definitely all about perspective.

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