Dancing Fit

When I was a little girl I learned ballet. My mum said she sent me because I was very clumsy and she thought it would help me out. Actually it really did and I still remain pretty supple and bendy form all those ballet years. the fitness, however, has really waned.


My daughter does ballet too and I love to see her dance. It’s so very pretty and elegant. She is hankering after more though I think she is looking for something livelier.

I have been thinking that joining an inexpensive dance class may be a really fun to get fit. At my daughter’s school they do a weekly Zumba class for parents straight after drop off and loads of parents go. Zumba does sound great fun really high energy. You can get some great zumbawear online and I love their jazz pants they are very dynamic!

I do know from experience though that just buying the right equipment won’t get to me to class. And as you know I hate to waste money. I bought yoga mats and all the gear once and only ever went to one class. I bought a little workout outfit and the Natalie Cassidy DVD used it twice. Oh, dear.

I think when going to a class it does help to go along with friends  they can be your cheerleaders, encourage you guilt you even into going. They can remind you, chat to you as you warm up and give you positive feedback.

It will also help to scheduling it into my diary to just do it. I could also  pack my exercise bag the night before along with the kid’s lunch bags and put it in the car for school and just be really prepared. Apparently it really helps if you tell people you are going to do something too .

Okay, world…..

‘ Zumba here I come! ‘


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