A digital backpack to save school children’s back problems!

 Each day on my way home from collecting my kids from their primary school I see children from the local comprehensive ambling along chattering with their friends in a little groups.  Lots of these children seen to be completely weighed down by the bags they carry either on   their backs or over their shoulder.It bothers me greatly that in a year and half my son (who is quite small) will be expected to carry a great load of books in his school bag.

Claims have been made by the NHS that back pains in secondary school age children is linked to heavy backpacks.

In response to these concerns HappyBird have launched a new digital backpack which weighs…wait for it…94% LESS than the average school back which ways 2 STONE!!!

I am so appalled the average school bag weighs 2 stone isn’t that ridiculous.

The digital backpack  comprises a tablet, a Bluetooth pen and a carry case. It will allow students access to millions of eBooks and apps and so as well as saving their backs it can actually save both them and their schools money too! Have a look at this video to learn a bit more about it….

At only £89.99 I think it is an absolute bargain.  It is actually the world’s cheapest 32GB tablet!

Feedback from pilot tests of this digital backpack show how it can save some university students 20 hours study time as  well as an up to £460 on the cost of text books..blimey!

I think HappyBird have hit on an excellent idea here and I absolutely love the fact it  good value and recyclable too. It entirely fits with our family budgeting ethos. I also love that kids can send hand written notes over bluetooth to friends and family overseas. Awesome. It really does encourage creativity.

 We were sent  a digital backpack to review and I have to say we love this little 8 inch tablet and the thought of my son using that for school rather than carrying a huge pile of books would make us both happier. It is a healthier, greener and cost effective option! 

Overwhelming demand!

HappyBird sold out of its first edition in just 72 hours and it launches offically on February 10th. It is the worlds first budget tablet and Bluetooth pen combo and it looks like it is going to fly off the shelves!

For more information take a look at Iamhappybird.com



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  1. Jen
    February 10, 2014 / 20:20

    This looks brilliant Becky, can’t wait to try it out ourselves.

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