Do you need guaranteed car finance?

I had a read of  Honda’s helpful guaranteed car finance scheme  and actually there are quite a few financing options available when considering buying  new car.

My car had its MOT last week and this time there was something wrong with the handbrake. It cost me £99.

Last year I had to replace windscreen wiper mechanism and the entire electric dashboardy thing (ia m so technical!)  needed sorting out. Plus 2 new tyres.  Funny lights still go on and off. It’s shabbier looking than Del boys 3 wheeler ooh and once it got set on fire too by a bunch of kids who did about 5 cars on our street. It has seen better days.

I think its done its time and paid its due. It seems to cost me more and more money each year and I worry about it a lot.

That’s no use is it. As a mum I have very precious cargo.

I actually quite like the idea of renting a car so once the rental is paid all I would have to think about is insurance and petrol no nasty surprise bills. They are the ones that throw me off track money wise!

Other options include being on higher purchase  which is the traditional way to buy or alternately you can finances through a scheme called the Honda aspirations scheme  which is  one of the most cost effective ways to buy a new /used Honda with low monthly repayments and an option to return, pay off the cars guaranteed future value or part exchange the car at the end of the repayment  period.

I had no clue their were so many options.

Because I take my kids out and about it is important for me to have a safe good quality car and a newer car appeals. I have no car maintenance knowledge and it’s a problem for me if it is in being fixed. I also hate unexpected bills. I like the idea of a new car every few years or so (wouldn’t we all) . I definitely need to do some more investigating.

How do you finance your car?



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