How to cope with unexpected expenses


 How to cope with unexpected expenses

How to cope with unexpected expenses

Do ou worrry about how to cope with unexpected expenses? Some  months – no matter what you plan can end up becoming accidentally and unavoidably expensive. This week I have needed to pay for

  • A new webcam and microphone headset for a job
  • 2 new mattresses – yes two and unavoidable
  • A bigger than I thought Tax Bill
  • A school trip
  • New school shoes

All unexpected these all made me go … ouch

My default reaction to unexpected expenses to just get them paid off asap and then cut back where and whenever I can, to make it back up.

So in response  – I have NOT booked our holiday as planned this month nor have I put more in my pension pot. I did NOT go for a manicure or rejoin slimming world as planned but I will wait and DIY it as well as I can. I waited a couple of days longer on my food shop and I postponed a cinema trip I had in mind. Sigh. All things |I wanted to do but needs must and I hate being in debt more than I hate not having the treats/extras.

How has your week been – have you managed to stay on a thrifty track? I’d love to know your advice on how to cope with unexpected expenses

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I hope you have enjoyed my post on how to cope with unexpected expenses



  1. February 1, 2019 / 13:38

    I hate it when you have lovely stuff planned and then have to delay it because of money. Currently trying trying to put some money aside for these unexpected things but it seems to get spent as quick as I save it! #5frugalthings

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