How to have less stress and more fun on your next family holiday

Holidays are the time we all look forward to for some rest and relaxation. That said, travelling with children can be anything but. So, if you are worried about getting stressed on your next family holiday, here are some tips to navigate those speed bumps and have more fun.


fun on your next family holiday


Plan for additional time with everything

And we mean everything!

Whether it’s getting to the airport, checking in, navigating the plane, or even getting on the plane, everything takes a lot longer with kids than it would alone – and this is especially the case if your children are young enough to need a pushchair or buggy

So that you aren’t stressed about missing your flight, always allow for extra time – and then some more! Even better, this means you might have some time to grab some snacks before your journey.


Accept that things will go wrong

If you have already travelled with kids before, then you will no doubt understand this from experience. Nevertheless, it is worth repeating that things will go wrong when travelling with children – it’s nigh-on inevitable.

No matter the kids’ ages, from ill-timed toilet breaks to forgotten or broken items, these things do happen, and can cause you to be late for or even miss buses, connections, transfers and excursions.

By accepting that things will go wrong, you have more time to prepare for the eventuality, and therefore are less likely to become overwhelmed by stress.


Be as flexible with your itinerary as possible

Following on from the above, now that you have allowed for extra time and accepted these plans still might go wrong, you’ll want to be as flexible as possible with your itinerary.

Missed a bus because the little one needed an emergency nappy change? No problem, as you’re being flexible you can simply consult the timetable and get on the next one.

Your teenager left their handheld game console in a taxi meaning you need to retrieve it rather than go to the waterpark? Don’t worry – your flexible schedule allows you to go the next day instead.


Opt for a family-friendly destination or resort

Just because you are going on a family vacation doesn’t mean you need to spend all your time as a family. You and your partner should still find some time to yourselves to relax and recuperate.

By choosing a family-friendly resort you can rest assured that there will be plenty to do for your young ones. For something a bit different, you can get the best silversea cruises that boast kid’s clubs and supervised activities that allow you space to have some well-deserved adult time.


fun on your next family holiday


Let your kids have a say – and delegate responsibilities.

Let your kids have a say in what you do on the holiday, and give them responsibilities like pulling a case to ensure they feel involved.


Bring along other family members

And last, but certainly not least, invite other family members along to share the stress. After all, a family holiday isn’t limited to merely children and parents. The children’s grandparents will no doubt be delighted to spend more time with their grandkids, and you will have support around at all times so that you get the family holiday you deserve. 


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