Let’s Talk about Sex

Lets NOT talk about sex

I know lots people find it easy to talk, giggle, discuss even analyse sex but I am not one of them. I giggle and get a bit embarrassed (I know that’s immature!)  But many people find it a difficult, embarrassing subject to discuss particularly if they are having problems.


Lets talk about sex  & Getting in the mood

Throwing money at sexual problems is often suggested …candles, sexy lingerie, aromatherapy oils.  even holidays are suggested to create the right atmosphere and to reduce the stress.  Whilst mood enhancers and relaxing clearly can improve attraction and feeling comfortable together they don’t work for all sexual problems.

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Ignoring the problem

Hoping sexual problems will go away and doing nothing can really affect a relationship and its important to nurture and care for relationships.  They are worth it.

Spending time with a male companion can encourage open and honest communication about your sexual desires, preferences, and concerns. They can create an environment where you feel safe discussing intimate matters without judgment or pressure.

Getting help

Erectile dysfunction is an area many men are unwilling to discuss and hugely embarrased about. Rather than go and talk to their doctors many would just suffer on in silence. But they don’t have to suffer. There is an option buy Viagra online It is money well spent if its going to resume your sex life and keep you happy and your relationship intact. It isn’t as simple as pooping to Amazon and clicking add to the cart though…but its not embarrassing either.

UKMedix is one such place where you can buy Viagra online. It also has a Viagra forum  to allow you to ask questions incognito .  The whole process involves skilled Doctors reviewing detailed consultations online. Approving a Viagra order online at UKMedix is subject to pharmacist approval, doctor approval and database referencing so it sounds pretty thorough. I would always say if you have ANY pre-existing health problems see your doctor first.

Costs range from about £3o for four pills. Cheaper than just one meal out and four possible nights of great fun!!

If you have an issue that affects your relationship it will affect the whole family. Do get the help you need. It doesn’t cost the earth and it really can improve your life quality.

Please note ….


Medical advice should be sought before taking Viagra if you:

· are older than 65
· have liver or kidney complications
· are taking protease inhibitors.

Be warned that the advice given on Viagra in many forum should never replace your doctors advice .


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  1. January 31, 2013 / 17:46

    A great post Becky, and well done bringing this often taboo topic out into open.

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