Loving the new FAN Post-it notes!

Post-it has recently launched Full Adhesive Notes, otherwise known as FAN. These notes mean you can adhere the whole note to the surface of your notebook or wall, meaning it will stay put for longer!

FAN_TimelineImage_READY, Fan post it notes

Can I tell you how pleased I am about this. I love Post-it notes in all their colors and sizes. I like their convenience and the fact they don’t leave a sticky residue behind.

I use Post-it notes a lot but sometimes an opening of a door or a notebook is enough to send it drifting away from whereever I have put it. Notes that are more fully adhesive will certainly be more useful to me!

We have found some brilliant uses for the FAN Post-it Notes we were sent to review which we wouldn’t have used a regular Post-it Note for. 

 Would you like to see?

Making Art.

This is Bob,

Bob was created with lots of goggles by my son Frankie on our kitchen door. He was so delighted to be allowed to make art on the door and the fact that the Post-it’s stayed in place for days and days made him really happy. I love the fact they aren’t going to damage my door in anyway and that I have some new door ‘art’ in my kitchen.

Brightens the place up!



Learning Spanish

My daughter is learning Spanish at school and she really enjoys it.

The thought of labelling cups and vases was not something I wanted to do (even though knew these visual prompts would help her learning. The FAN work perfectly in this situation they stay put with out harming the items they are placed on.

She’ll be bilingual in no time.


Remembering all those little things

When it comes to mornings and we are all rushing around trying to get ready for school I often forget something.

Many a time I am the mum going back to school later with a missed lunch box or swimming kit. I find leaving myself little reminder notes in places I cannot fail to see them is really useful. The front door just before we leave is a great place for those last minute reminders.

No gust of wind can blow these FAN Post-its away. I may never forget anything again and hopefully my reputation with the school secretary will improve as a result!

post it door

(this particular note says don’t forget to send in a £1 to school…for some reason I can’t fathom school always seems to want a £1 off me.)


 There are just so many things I can use FAN for I use FAN for, that I wouldn’t be able to use a regular Post-it Note for.

I think they are a brilliant invention.

Why don’t you pop on over and ‘like’ the Post-It  facebook page . I hear they are giving away some freebies this month.




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  1. March 9, 2014 / 21:12

    Wow! How could I not know these exist?! Thanks for sharing. I’ve just discovered your blog and started following you. Pop across to mine and say hello 🙂

    Gayle x

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