Neutral Bedroom Ideas

Neutral Bedroom Ideas

I have been thinking about neutral bedroom ideas over the last week.

It’s time for a change here.

Our spare room is a little too feminine and I really don’t think it would be to everyone’s taste. The lilac is a colour I love but I know it’s not universally appreciated and it is time to move on from this look and go for something much more modern.

Our spare room is due for an upgrade anyway and I feel really inspired by neutral bedroom ideas (not beige though, I am not a fan, I always think it looks very dreary.)



Neutral Bedroom Ideas



Neutral Bedroom Ideas

 I really like the monochrome look for myself but I think for a spare room it could look a little too designer and perhaps a shade too modern.

White would be my basic colour of choice because anything and everything co-ordinates with it (which makes it a very thrifty option too) Ee wouldn’t have to buy lots of new accessories because pretty much everything goes.

Bear with me as I muse over a potential design scheme.



Painting the walls white is a quick fix and just a coat or two should probably do it. Any time it needs a refresh after that it would be simple. This is why I like white so much!


Neutral Bedroom Ideas


The bed

White beds always look quite Scandinavian I think or American perhaps and the clean and fresh look of a white bed is exactly what I would want in the spare room



I would probably go for white sheets and pillows too but possibly a dove grey or duck egg blue throw to lift the colour scheme a little?


Neutral Bedroom Ideas -Furniture

I would choose white wood furniture for side tables and a wardrobe. Wood lasts forever and looks classy but homely too, I think. It is also a lovely minimalist look



I would keep accessories simple, little glass lamps, voile curtains, white shutters at the window, perhaps a white basket-style pendant.  I would introduce lots of textures with furry cushions in grey and whites and perhaps a white faux fur or shearling rug on the floor.



I love dark wood flooring,  perfect for a white neural bedroom design scheme (and I would definitely go for underfloor heating too.)



What do you think of my neutral bedroom ideas – do you think they sound zen and relaxing? I hope so, that is the vibe I am after. Or do you think they sound dull and I should be thinking statemtn wallpaper and colour?


neutral bedroom ideas



Do let me know what you think in the comments below,  I love to hear from you.


Neutral Bedroom Ideas is a collaborative post – how about taking a peek at my post on bold bedroom decor


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