How to create your perfect bedroom

Today – How to create your perfect bedroom

How to create your perfect bedroom

Do you long to know how to create your perfect bedroom? Well. if you do, I have some simple steps for you today to help you reach that goal.

We all love our bedrooms don’t we, a place to rest and relax, chill out and read a book, perhaps watch TV, and most definitely a place to get a good nights sleep. But we don’t just want our bedroom to perform well do we – we also want to look the part and be an oasis of tranquillity and stylish of course. Our bedroom has a lot to achieve in the ways of practicality as well as aesthetics if it is going to meet all our needs.

When it comes to knowing how to create your perfect bedroom you have to start with a mattress – perhaps a Casper mattress? and then work your way around the room. The most important thing is you remember it is a BED room and the bed takes priority.


How to create your perfect bedroom – 5 steps to success

A great mattress

When it comes to figuring out how to create your perfect bedroom you do need to start with an awesome mattress. Lots of celebrities endorse the Casper mattress and it has so much going for it. Let me fill you in. There is in a unique technique that sets the Casper mattress apart from traditional mattresses and gives it such an outstanding reputation.  it is also delivered to your house within four days in a box, and you even have the ability to return it within 100 days.  Pretty good perks I’d say and 100 days try out is just fantastic, isn’t it? A better nights sleep is something we are all after!

I am a big fan of memory foam mattresses and yet sometimes I don’t feel they are quite supportive enough.  Casper’s memory foam mattress is made a little differently.  It was named “Excellent” by Which,s was awarded Best Buy 2019. It combines pressure-relieving memory foam with perfectly positioned contour cuts.  Casper mattresses use memory foam along  3 other layers of foam for durability, breathability and support.

Now that is the kind of mattress you need!

We should all invest in good mattresses because otherwise, no matter how beautifully we decorate our bedrooms, it would be in vain. A plush 10 inch mattress in a box is now gaining a large following among sleep enthusiasts.


Air quality

The air quality in the bedroom is really important. I leave my windows open evry day and only shut them at night so lots of fresh air will have circulated my bedroom. I also have a fan always in my bedroom in case it needs cooling down. Pay attention to the quality of air in our bedroom it really can make all the difference to your sleep and is an essential ingredient of how to create your perfect bedroom



Storage is key if you want to create your perfect bedroom

No matter what your design style I do believe a bedroom needs to look uncluttered and calm in order for it to feel truly;y restful. I made a mistake in my last bedroom by buying all the storage I could lay my hands on. This just made the room look overstuffed with wardrobes and cupboards and too full. What I should have done actually was have a massive declutter first.

So my advice would be yes storage matters hugely but do have a good old clear out first and try and hide your storage. Try and store your stuff in boxes under the bed or up the loft rather than in too much bedroom furniture.





Now I don’t want to say your bedroom style should be subtle or elegant, spa-like and serence ( although that is my preference). If you like folksy or bohemian, maximalist prints or a tropical wallpaper then absolutely go for it. Your bedroom should, above all be a place you love and no matter what the bedroom trends of the moment your bedroom is YOUR oasis – no one else’s.

So do splash your cash on delicious sodt furnishings cushions and duvets, throws and wallpapers in styles and prints and colours that totally work for you.


how to create your perfect bedroom


Create your perfect bedroom with functionality

Your bedroom (if it is to be your perfect bedroom)  has to work for you. When considering how to create your perfect bedroom,  functionality is vital. You need bedside tables near plugs, you need lamps, you need somewhere to place your book, hide your journal. You may well need a mirror and a dressing table. You need a place to hang your robe. Boring practicalities are vital to making a bedroom that works for you so do make yourself a little checklist of what you NEED your bedroom to have and work your way through it.

You will be so glad you did – functionality is a crucial step on the path of how to create your perfect bedroom


The essentials of how to create your perfect bedroom

So – I could go on – but these are the 5 essentials of how to create a perfect bedroom in my opinion. I hope you have found this post on how to create your perfect bedroom to be useful. Is there anything you would include that I have missed?

I hope this post on how to create your perfect bedroom helps you  towards the home of your dreams


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