Original photo gift ideas for those extra special snaps

When’s the last time you took a photo? Not too long ago I expect! It’s so easy to just point and shoot with your phone and we all seem to be taking more snaps than ever before.

But with everything stored away on computers these days, it’s hard to do justice to those very special photos that mean the most. Mementos of unforgettable life events, the ones that in earlier years we’d get framed on the wall or at least preserved in a posh photo album.


A framed photo from My-Picture.co.uk could be the perfect choice if you want to bring a touch of that traditional class to your new digital images.

You simply go to the website, upload the photo that means so much to you, and they’ll do the rest. Even if it’s a photo from a life changing event like a wedding or birth, these framed prints will fit the bill. So it’s a perfect gift idea for a loved one…and the price will be a nice surprise too.

So far, so traditional. But what if you’re looking for a gift that’s something a bit different? Your loved ones will be gobsmacked if you give them a beautiful photo presented in a fresh and funky way.



If you’re the craft-y type, a DIY approach is the cheapest of all…and it adds even more of the personal touch. If your gift is for someone who loves flowers, why not consider a photo vase? Make colour prints of your special photos and glue them to a (decently robust) sheet of paper. You can then attach the paper to the inside of a see-through vase. The key here is the quality of the print, so use the best colour printer you can find.



Or why not make a collage for that special someone? With your photos printed out you can arrange them in a touching shape on a sheet of card. A heart is the classic choice of course but you can use your imagination. Perhaps there’s another shape that will remind them of an important shared experience. Maybe a bird, a moon or a simple ring?

Another original but more professional option is canvas prints. It’s such a simple but novel idea – your photo printed directly onto a canvas that’s stretched over a real wooden frame. Yes, the same as a painted canvas you’d see in a gallery, but with your choice of any photo instead! Because the most precious photos deserve to be treated like works of art. And the brilliant reproduction quality of these prints will make for a gift your loved one will never forget.


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