Perfect Baby Shower Gifts

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Perfect Baby Shower Gifts

If you’ve recently been invited to a baby shower, you’ll be expected to arrive with a gift in hand. This is usually something for the new baby, but it can also be a present for mum and dad. If you’re worried about duplicating a gift that someone else has already bought, ask your expectant friends what it is that they really need. Think comfort and practicality when choosing baby gifts, and you won’t go wrong.


A Little Reassurance

First time parents are bound to be anxious about the arrival of their child, and there are plenty of gift options that will reassure them and lower anxiety levels all round. A portable baby monitor is always appreciated, and new models can detect the sound of a baby breathing from 600 feet. Others boast a video feed or sound an alarm when the baby hasn’t moved for a certain period of time. When the new baby is sleeping in another room, the monitor will be put to good use. Another reassuring gift is a bouncy seat. The baby can be safety entertained in one of these while parents are able to get on with a chore or to, or simply put their feet up on the sofa.


Bath Time Gifts

Make bath time fun for the next baby with a set of brightly coloured bath toys. You could opt for the traditional ducks or something more unique. Some retailers like Lollipop Lane offer complete bath sets for new-borns, that include a towel, thermometer, burp cloths, a wash mitt and baby bath with added back support. You could add some mild baby shampoo and body soap that smells delicious and won’t irritate the baby’s eyes, and some grown up bath goodies that mum can enjoy when her baby is asleep.


Baby Books

Babies love to be read to as it provides both a soothing and stimulating experience for them. Your friends will want their child to grow up bright and interested in the world around them, and the best way to guarantee this is to instil a love of reading from an early age. Choose some classic baby books or donate your childhood favourites, with a personalized note to the child written inside.


Presents for Mum and Dad

Don’t forget the parents, as they need to be pampered too. A bottle of wine or champagne is a great gift for after the birth. New parents are tired and busy by nature, and may be too exhausted to cook dinner at the end of the day. Why not offer to make them a couple of meals during the first few weeks of parenthood? The offer will be much appreciated.



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