10 reasons to LOVE coffee

Let’s take a look at 10 reasons to LOVE coffee

Do you love coffee?

There are just SO many reasons to love coffee.

I have to admit I am a huge coffee fan. I take my own on holiday with us, I take it when visiting friends who don’t have great coffee ( I know!)  and I just cannot drink it out of a vending machine. ICK. I like good coffee you see.




reasons to love coffee


My tea drinking OH asked me the other day why I loved it so much and oh my goodness, I had so much to say.

Here are the top 10 reasons to love coffee (in no particular order!)

  1. Coffee wakes me up in the morning and totally kick starts my day. I get up at least half an hour before the rest of the family and that first fabulous coffee really gets me moving I completely cherish that time and that first cup,
  2. Coffee is so social. I love to ‘go for a coffee’ with friends and have a great catch up. Spending time in a cool coffee shop with a fabulous friend is one of my favourite things to do .
  3. Coffee is delicious, just absolutely delicious. I like it most of all after a good meal or with chocolate!
  4. Coffee smells wonderful. In fact it made number 4 on the top 50 favourite smells list For me it is right up there with fresh bread and newly cut grass and the fragrance of Lulu. I absolutely adore the smell of coffee. I find it completely tantalising and it just makes me smile.
  5. Coffee hacks abound and are amazing, Have a look at this post where I list 24  amazing coffee hacks Do you know it can repel insects and even make your hair shiny! It’s quite versatile!
  6. Coffee picks me up when I slump. Mid afternoon I have my second cup of the day and it’s usually post lunch when I feel the slump. Just a small cup and I wake up with a zing.
  7.  Good coffee is an inexpensive treat compared to buying shoes  or going out for a lunch and you can indulge every day.
  8. I take my coffee black and strong and good news it is calorie free. Torn between a coffee and a cake I will always choose the coffee and my waistline says a big thank you!
  9. It is a great excuse for a break from work. I work form home and love to stop for 10 minutes pop in a Gourmesso coffee for nespresso machines (a brilliant and cheaper alternative to nespresso capsules) and step out into my garden and take a deep breath. Then I grab my coffee and get back to my desk.
  10. There is so much variety to coffee it never gets boring. It can range from black coffee to lattes, from rich to smooth, from milky decaf to super strong, cappuccinos to mochas  and so on. Coffee is ever interesting. You just simply need a gourmet home coffee maker


Reasons to love coffee – I could go on!

Do you get the impression I could talk about coffee all day.  Well, you would be right I really could!

I could never understand when I was a child my mum would insist that we stopped for a coffee when we shopped in the city, or that she would ‘just need a quick coffee’ before we went anywhere. I totally get it these day.

Good coffee is a pause and a refuelling. It is a pure delight.


reasons to love coffee


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