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One of the hardest things to do as a parent is to motivate a child who does not love to read. Although there are children who will naturally love to read, others will struggle to learn the reading habit. Although it is seen as hard to teach a kid how to read, it does not necessarily have to be hard. When kids are motivated to read, they will check out books and read by themselves quietly. From research, becoming a successful reader is usually a product of motivation. When a child is motivated to read frequently at a young age, they will grow up knowing what it means to be a skillful reader. For reluctant children, parents might be forced to apply cajoling methods and creativity in order to convince a child to spend some time reading. What you will notice is that, for the child to develop joy in reading it might take some time than convincing him to start reading frequently.


Before motivating your child to read, it is important to understand the reasons that make kids abhor reading. So, understanding why a child is resisting reading could be the first step in motivating him or her into reading frequently. Does your child think that reading is hard? Even in adults, there is a good number of them who think that reading is too hard for them. It is common for many people to choose reading as a leisure activity instead of a habit that requires hard work. A child might be struggling to read because he or she has not developed a wide range of vocabulary skills. A child who is struggling to read most of the vocabulary might find reading very hard. It is therefore important as a parent to focus on identifying and addressing that specific area of weakness. You will realize that as children develop a wide range of vocabulary, they will become better readers. One of the solutions that parents should focus on is limiting the “screen time” that children have and turn the focus to reading.


Making time for reading is one of the solutions that parents can apply if they want their young children to develop a reading habit. If you find that your child has a jam-packed schedule that does not in any way create time for convenient reading, it is important to adjust the schedule. Also, it is important to note that reading should not be shoved down children’s throat- it should be made to feel like any of the other fun activities that they engage in.


As a parent, another tip that will help your child to develop reading habits is setting aside some time for a read-aloud session. The importance of a read-aloud session is that it helps a child to develop interests in reading. It is therefore important to create high-quality literature that will evoke interests in children. This habit should not be abandoned when the child becomes older. Instead, teenagers should be encouraged to take up audiobooks as a way of maintaining the reading habit


Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education is a network of public charter schools which are meant to help low-income students to access excellent education opportunities. The Rocketship Public Schools aims at meeting the needs of each and every student through adaptive technology, tradition instructions, and targeted tutoring. The goal of Rocketship public schools is not just on students but also teachers and parents.



Rocketship aims at eliminating the achievement gap that has been in the education sector for a long time. Since it was founded in 2006, Rocketship has brought a new way of thinking in the elementary school. Rocketship is opening between one and three Rocketship Public Schools in different parts of the United States. Some of the areas that it has opened new schools include Washington, DC New Orleans, Memphis, and Indianapolis.


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