Save Time & Money for Your Family with a Picnic Set

Save Time & Money for Your Family with a Picnic Set

Time spent staring at a screen is constantly on the rise, especially in children. When you’re looking to boost quality time with your family, it’s a good idea to consider new activities that completely disconnect your family from technology and that all-important, practically sacred WiFi connection. Even when dining out with the family, it’s all too tempting to quickly look something up. One online search leads to just quickly answering that text. Might as well check in on your emails whilst you’re at it. In turn the attention is drawn to your smartphone and all your child desperately wants is to know what they’re missing out on on your screen.

This is why you should invest in a picnic set. With perks for both money and the family, you can reap the benefits of a happier, more united household. You may think the idea of a picnic seems dated. It’s where you spent much of your childhood before soft play zones cropped up everywhere and you were never more than 10 metres away from a petting zoo. But a picnic is what you make it and, what’s more, it can offer a worthy investment. In the long run it’ll even give a cheaper alternative to dining out.

Save Time & Money for Your Family with a Picnic Set


How Investing in a Picnic Set is Cost-Effective

By buying a complete picnic set you can rest assured you have everything you need to have a successful trip out with your family. However, the price tags can, at first glance, seem pretty steep. That said, by the time you put together the cost of buying items separately, the amount really does rack up quickly, and that’s before you cater in the things you’ll want that aren’t included like a blanket to sit on and a flask for hot drinks. Buying each individual item separately, you can expect to spend on average £55 and that’s without finding a quality wicker basket to hold everything securely and have room for the all-important food.

Investing on a picnic set is therefore the more cost-effective option and you can find one that is suited to your budget, too. Tesco has a number of picnic basket options with 4-person hampers costing between £24.99 and £50.49. Find middle ground options with Joules, who incorporate their signature prints, and cost anywhere from £59.95 to £89.95. Scour their sale pages or look out for their regular vouchers using voucher code websites like Discount Promo Codes and you can even look to knock some money off. Looking for something even more luxurious? Fortnum & Mason’s picnic baskets start from £115 for a quality basket and picnic rug and from £145 including cutlery and crockery.

Why is it More Time Effective?

Never underestimate how long it takes to get out of the door when you have children. Between demanding for the third time that Jenny please put her shoes on and your other half spending half an hour on the toilet, records could surely be broken. Throw a picnic outing into the mix and you also have to cater for food preparation and ensuring you have everything you need. With a picnic basket already set up with everything you need, carefully packed away, you can take out of the time constraints knowing you have everything you need.

No need to break out the more expensive china you use at home or risk smashing glasses or mugs. A good quality picnic set quite literally saves you money and time. As a worthy investment, it also commits you to the cause. No one likes the idea of something you spent £90 on being tucked away in a cupboard gathering dust. Making this kind of purchase will keep you committed to spending time with your family and getting the worth from your picnic set. And, really, what child doesn’t love having tea parties?

Why More Families Should Go on Picnics

It also goes without saying that being outside, breathing in the fresh air and socialising is a great boost for mental health and development. It is proven to reduce anxiety when spending as little as 90 minutes outside, according to a study published by the National Academy of Sciences. As well as this, for children it can improve behaviour to eat together as a family and do activities that provide a sense of belonging.

Picnics are clearly a great activity to do as a family. With more spring and summer weather just around the corner, it’s no good spending so much time cooped up inside. Especially if it involves too much screen time. Take your family outside. Better still, go somewhere where phone signal is weak. From preparing you picnic food together at home, right the way through to enjoying it in the sunshine and playing in a natural open space, sharing a picnic with your family opens up time to really bond.


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