Saving Money On Everyday Home Expenditure

Saving Money On Everyday Home Expenditure

Each and every day we spend money even if we haven’t physically taken out our wallets and handed over any cash. We spend money every time we flush the toilet, turn the lights on, open the fridge and well, you get the idea.


Saving Money On Everyday Home Expenditure – top tips

If you don’t monitor what you’re spending at home, you could be landed with a large bill at the end of the month or on the next quarterly bill. Saying that, we all still need to live comfortably without the worry of not being able to afford to pay the bills each month, so here’s some tips on how to save money on everyday home expenditure.


Saving Money On Everyday Home Expenditure


Switch to monthly billing

It’s not as heard of as it was a decade or so ago, but some people still receive some of their bills like their electric bill, quarterly. While this might seem like a good idea because it gives your bank a break from paying out each month, you can find yourself being handed a bill that you simply can’t find the money for.


Switching to monthly billing will also help you keep an eye on your usage and cut back if needed. Many energy providers these days offer a service on their website which allows you to monitor your usage and work out what exactly is using most energy and costing you the most money. Be smart with your energy consumption and keep track of it more regularly so that in the long run you can save yourself a pretty penny or two.


Saving Money On Everyday Home Expenditure – Shop around for deals 

It’s a sad fact that all providers whether it be energy or your phone line don’t immediately give you the cheapest deal. They want to make as much money from you as possible, and therefore claim to be unable to give you a cheaper deal if you ask for one. However, the threat of losing a customer often encourages them to find you that deal that you’ve been after.

Even if you don’t think you’re paying too much it’s always worth speaking to your gas, water, and electric suppliers to see if you can bag yourself a cheaper deal. Even if your bills are only reduced by a few pound each month, you’re saving yourself money that you wouldn’t have otherwise had!

When it comes to your broadband connection you should also be doing the same sort of thing. Cable offers a service which allows you to run a broadband comparison so that you know you’re getting the best deal for you. Just remember to never jump in with the first deal that you see, as there is always a way to haggle the price down a little bit more!


Saving Money On Everyday Home Expenditure


Invest to save money – a great route to saving money on everyday home expenditure

Sometimes, to save money we must invest it into something that’s going to help us achieve our goals. Investing money into your home so that the running of it is less expensive will save you tons of money in the long run. Here are some ideas on things that you should consider investing in to save yourself some money:

  • Solar panels – they might seem like a large investment, but within a year of purchase they will have paid for themselves with the amount of money that you’ve saved. They also dramatically reduce the cost of your energy bills, especially in the summertime when there’s less need for electric to be used and also more sun being absorbed into your solar panels. Another bonus? They dramatically increase the value of your home, so if you were ever to sell up you could bump up your asking price!
  • Water butts – these are large containers that you have in your garden, usually connected to some sort of guttering to collect rainwater. While it’s unlikely that you will want to drink this water, it can be used for watering plants around the garden, which in the long run will save you yet even more money.
  • Vegetable patch – anyone who is anyone is putting some effort into growing their own fruit, veg, and salad these days. Some do it for fun, some do it for competition, and others do it because it gives them a sense of self sufficiency. Growing your own produce will save you having to purchase them from the shop when they’re in season, and you get to enjoy some delicious, organic produce.

Saving Money On Everyday Home Expenditure


Switch to old fashioned ways

What we mean by old fashioned ways is by saving money through taking things back to the more simpler of times. Whenever possible try these things:

  • Light a candle or two instead of turning on a lamp.
  • Install a log burner and burn wood rather than using your central heating.
  • Reuse old clothing as cloths, or even upcycle them into a new piece of clothing!
  • Hand wash smaller items of clothing rather than wasting water on a few items.
  • Hang your washing out rather than using your tumble dryer.
  • Let your hair dry naturally rather than using the hair dryer.


Saving money on everyday home expenditure? Clip coupons

If you ever pick up magazines or newspapers when you’re out and about, keep hold of them and scan through for any coupons that might be included. More often than not you should be able to bag yourself some money off your groceries, or even a buy one get one free offer. Clip as many coupons as possible and save yourself a nice chunk of money!

As you can see, there are a plethora of different ways in which you could save yourself money around the home. While you might not notice a large influx of cash straight away, if you keep practising these good habits you will soon notice that each month, you have more money that you did before!


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    Thank you for the reminder about the daily ways to save funds. We all could get more efficient in our homes.

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