Savvy Ways to Shop

The best shopping list ever

Have you seen the best shopping list ever written? It’s an anti shopping list.  I wrote it myself and I have to say I think it is rather fabulous.

It is most certainly frugal.

the-anti-shopping-list, Savvy Ways to Shop, anti shoppping list


There are some things however you do have to buy and may even be delighted to purchase, but you need to still ensure you are getting a good deal.

Savvy ways to shop

When shopping you should always have a list with you so you stay focussed, you should always compare prices, shop around, check for great My voucher codes for some fab money saving codes and perhaps most importantly always really think through your purchase. Do you need the item? Do you really want it? Will you make good use if it?

I just watched a cute little money saving video full of thrifty tips over at Planner Wealth It is full of great advice and ‘always make a shopping list’ and ‘ask yourself do you really need it’ are amongst the suggestions it makes. I urge you to have a watch it’s a good video, full of sound advice and fun to watch.

Question yourself

Knowing savvy ways to shop does not make your money last forever and yet it really will help it stretch further. You have to be smart.

Shopping out of season and sales shopping may lead you to think you are getting a bargain but you do have to consider … would you have bought the item if it wasn’t on sale? If not, perhaps you don’t really need it and have only spent money because you felt your were getting a good deal?  We need to always really think purchases through and not just be tempted by lower price tags. Check out his article for some savvy sales shopping advice

Savvy shopping is key to managing our money.

Don’t forget your shopping list


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