Simple things you could do this week to make money

Simple things you could do this week to make money

I often talk about saving money but sometimes we need to make money, extra money to help us out. It maybe we want a holiday or to throw a special party or new curtains even. It may be our boiler has broke, a pet is ill  and we have no insurance or that a job has been lost. Extra money does not. (as my good old Grandad used to say – a lot) grow on trees. It isn’t always that easy to take on extra work to earn it either. Jobs are scarce and we don’t have limitless time. So what can we do if we need extra money for life’s luxuries or life’s necessities?

Well here are a few ideas.

Look in every bag you own and gather in your cash. Look in every coat pocket and down the back of every chair and sofa. I BET you get a nice surprise.

Have a look in your jewellery box. Be really clear with yourself if you don’t love it you wont wear it and maybe its time to let it go. Many jewellery shops will be interested in purchasing old jewellery to resell or for the metal.

Grab a bin liner and wander room to room around you home. Look in cupboards and wardrobes and be ruthless. Anything you don’t like need, use or want any more can find a new home and earn you some money. You have so many options to sell, local facebook pages, gumtree a good old car boot. Your junk is someone elses treasure.

car boot



Simple things you could do this week to make money

Go through your book shelves and your music collection with the same decisiveness. Amazon is a great place to sell these on without a huge amount of effort and some of your old classics might be worth a bit!

Check out any premium bonds you may have that can be cashed in. Look out old savings accounts. No point having money tied up if you need it. Many old accounts can sit forgotten so do check through all your old paper work and put it in order . You may get a very nice surprise.

Whilst you are going through your paper work have see if you were misold PPI from your bank. Payment Protection Insurance was mis-sold to millions off people who had a loan, credit card, mortgage, store card and even car finance, so if you think you’ve been mis-sold PPI on any of these, you can start your claim now. Claiming PPI is not complicated and you actually need very little information to go on. So seek out your paperwork then  contact a company like Your Money Claim to see if you can claim. I know a few people who have made a large sum back through claiming PPI.

In Scotland you can apply for a trust deed by visiting Scotlands Trust Deed and filling out their qualifications form

All the above ideas require action, but not huge amounts of action, and they are all worth doing. You will have a decluttered and paper work organised home and more money in your pockets.

Its a win win win situation!

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