Thrifty gift ideas for special occasions

Today – Thrifty gift ideas for special occasions

Presents do not need to break the bank. When special occasions occur you can rise to the occasion with creative thriftiness.

Thrifty gift ideas for special occasions#

here are a host of lovely frugal gift ideas

Baby gifts

Baby gifts can be symbolic of your good wishes rather than a reflection of your wealth. Planting an apple seed the day the child is born accompanied by  a newspaper form the at day and a CD of the number one hit of the day make a fab trio of gifts for under a fiver.


Birthday gifts

Burning a CD of a loved ones favourite songs is a lovely gift idea as is throwing them a  birthday meal. You need to cook anyway right? Just make a bit of an effort with candles and their favourite choices. Invite one or two other friends too.

If the gift is for your child and you are on a tight budget supplement a small token of something they want with a surprise day of treats for them. They could have their favourite breakfast in bed, their best friend to sleep over, afavourite family movie could be rented and  perhaps a surprise family picnic lunch. Spoiling someone takes many forms not just financial.


Thrifty gift ideas for special occasions

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Wedding gifts

You don’t have to buy of their wish list they will exactly what you have (not)  spent…..go for unique instead. Pop around a few weeks before the  and take some snaps.Framing a photo of the happy couple makes a lovely gift.and can be very inexpensive. Framing a CD of their wedding dance song and adding a smattering of silver hearts is a lovely idea


Christening Gifts

Christening gifts can be terribly repetitive. 5 money boxes, 4 first tooth boxes, 3 bibles. Why not ring in the changes and give the child something that is spiritual and significant to you. Perhaps you could write out a poem you have loved, get a copy of a novel that has moved you or made you think. Share via letter some of lifes wisdom for them to open in the future. Pass on a piece of jewellry A christening gift is from you to the child and a gift from the heart is really appropriate.



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