Personalised & Unique Ideas for Christmas Gifts

Today – Unique Ideas for Christmas Gifts

I do love to give Personalised & Unique Christmas gifts. I think they is something a little bit magic about knowing that h a gift has been made just for you and it has your name on or that your present is unique.


Unique Ideas for Christmas Gifts – Santa sacks

My children both have unusual names so for them anything that has their name on feels like a huge treat indeed. I am very tempted by these hessian Santa sacks for all their presents this Christmas and I would hand sew huge tags with their names on to adorn them. I love how authentic they look just as if Santa delivered them himself.

What I love about investing in a couple of these bags is that unlike paper or plastic ones they will withhold the weight of the gift and won’t rip or tear. From an eco and financial perspective, they are also winners as they will be able to be used again and again and should last over the years.

I think they are just so cute – wouldn’t they look gorgeous next to the tree.





I also rather like the idea of gifting them both pencil cases with their names on..mainly for practical reasons I live in hope that they won’t then get lost! I am also thinking pens with names on might also be a smart move ( I could save myself a fortune with all this personalisation on stationery for my kids!)


Jewellery – Unique Ideas for Christmas Gifts

When my daughter was a baby I had a necklace with her teeny tiny thumbprint on – It was absolutely the most beautiful thing ever and I totally treasured it. No idea where it went too but I do love the idea of unique and meaningful jewellery.

I also have a necklace with my mums name on that I wear when I feel I need her close by me – it acts as a sort of talisman/protection for me. What I would really like this year is a necklace with my children’s names on or perhaps a silver bangle with their names on. i think that would be lovely. I would pair it up with my mum’s neckalce and be surrounded by those I love.

A personalised necklace makes an absolutely lovely gift 


Personalised Clothing

My  daughter has a personalised T-shirt form Next that she was bouhgt this summer and it absolutely one of her favourite Tees. I am SO TEMPTED to pop back to Next and get a pom pom beanie for Christmas for her (maybe It would stop the constant hat loss too!)


So a lovely little array of unique and personalised gifts here. Do Unique Ideas for Christmas Gifts feature on your ist?

What’s on your gift list this year?



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