Top 10 diet tips for budgeters

Top 10 Diet tips for budgeters

I have a lot of weight to lose in 2017 and I have been thinking about joining a gym, considering slimming clubs and all sorts. What it finally boils down to though is simple lifestyle changes that I am going to be able to maintain (and afford) So here are my top 1- tips to help you lose weight on a budget.

  1. Eat less (this definitely will save you money and help your diet!)
  2. Walk more and leave the car at home (ticks both boxes)
  3. Cancel the gym and buy an exercise DVD from a car boot
  4. Ask 5 slim friends for their top 5 diet tips write them down and use them as motivation.
  5. Put away £1 for every £1 you lose. When you have lost £14 pounds worth of weigh t you can probably buy a cheap little outfit in a smaller size to celebrate
  6. Weigh in with a friend once a week at the same tine and  place i.e. yours or theirs then have a coffee and dissect your week without paying subs or listening to 30 others!
  7. Recipe swap with friends who seem super healthy
  8. Stick a used- to- be slim picture up on your fridge
  9. Meal plan wisely and stick to it
  10. Shop online to avoid temptation

Good luck !!








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