Top ways to save money this month

These days, everyone is looking to get more for their money at every turn, but we all need a little help getting there. In today’s post, I’ll share with you just a few new ways that you can save across this month.

Top ways to save money

  1. Switch bank accounts

Changing your bank can be a bit of a hassle, but it can be worth it if your interest rate suddenly shoots up from 1.25% to 4%, which is the case with some accounts. It all depends on what you use it for, but whether it’s your current account or savings account, why let your money sit there not earning as much as it could?

  1. Switch utility suppliers

Is your contract coming to an end with your current provider? It’s time to start shopping around. There are dozens of introductory offers from these companies, so there’s never a shortage of deals to be had, but before you do switch, be sure to haggle with your current provider. If they think you’re ready to leave, they’ll be more likely to negotiate on your package.

  1. Start using a courier

It could be that you have kids in university that you need to send food parcels to, or family who don’t live close to you which means you’re constantly paying horrendous prices for parcel delivery. Using a reliable courier service on a regular basis is much cheaper, and allows you to track items so you have peace of mind.

  1. Get crafting

Some of the most expensive months are when we have birthdays and anniversaries to consider. If you’ve got one of these coming up in the next month, why not make your own present rather than buying something impersonal? If they love cooking, how about a recipe-in-a-jar gift? Or if you’re the creative type, how about making them some artwork? The materials for these will cost pence instead of serious pounds.

  1. Battle the impulse buys

We’ve all been in the position where we’re stood at the checkout and end up putting more in our basket than we need. Or, are you guilty of picking up more food just because it was on offer? You must be making a saving, right? Wrong! Stay away from marked up impulse buys by the counter, make a list and stick to it. If you can get three for two but you only need one, it’s a waste of money and you’ll end up throwing it away.

  1. Days out with the kids

Spending quality time together doesn’t have to cost the earth, and it doesn’t have to mean theme parks and meals in fancy restaurants. Kids just want to be with you, so pack up a picnic, head to a local park or one of the free English Heritage sites in your area, and go for a walk together. They’ll enjoy splashing around in the mud and walking through forests just as much.


Feel free to leave your own money-saving tips in the section below!




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