Ways to reduce your commuting costs

Let’s take a look at ways to reduce your commuting costs

What’s an acceptable commute to work? Commuting to work can sometimes seem like a tedious task. The repetitiveness of the journey can make you want to stay tucked up in bed in the morning – and that’s before you even think about the costs associated with the trip every day!

The average UK employee spends £146 a month on their commute while those working in London can expect to pay up to £305 a month. Those who commute by rail to work are even reported to spend on average a fifth of their take-home pay just to get to work.

These figures had us wondering, what exactly is an acceptable commute to work? For example, those working in Manchester will find their most affordable commute will be from Burnley, but the journey will take 45 minutes out of their morning. Whereas a more expensive commute to work from the sought-after area of Altrincham will take around 20 minutes. With this in mind, here are some ways in which you can cut the costs of your commute to work so you’ll have more money to spend on quality time with your family.


What's an acceptable commute to work


Ways to reduce your commuting costs

Buy an annual season ticket

If you travel by bus or rail, buying an annual season ticket rather than a monthly ticket could save you hundreds each year. Or, if you’re currently paying daily, check out the costs of monthly passes which also offer huge savings.


Cycle to work

If you’re lucky enough to live within cycling distance of your work, why not consider cycling in – if not just for a couple of mornings a week? Not only is cycling a cost-effective method of commuting, but it’s also better for the environment and your health!


Car sharing

Driving to work alone can be a boring task… and that’s where car sharing comes in! Car sharing is another way you can save money on your commute to work, but it also has environmental and social benefits! If you live near a fellow employee (or somebody who works in a similar area to you) why not talk to them about the possibility of car sharing? You could switch it up, so one of you drives one day and the other the next, and split the costs weekly.


Consider relocating

It might seem like an extreme step to take, but moving to another town could mean cheaper train, bus or tram travel. You’ll have to weigh up the costs of living in the area, but if you can find a great deal on a property you’re on to a winner – and you could even cut your journey to work time! If you’re currently renting and are looking to buy your first home, ET Law First Time Buyers can help you get a foot on the property ladder.

How to cut the costs of running your car

If you absolutely have to drive to work, there are so many simple ways in which you can cut the cost of driving.

  1. Switch off your air conditioning – air con burns a lot more fuel than you might think!
  2. Avoid rush hour and leave earlier for work – not sitting in traffic can save you money on petrol.
  3. Drive less – many employers now offer flexible working from home schemes. If this is possible for you, working from home just one day a week could save you lots of money annually on your fuel consumption.
  4. Drive efficiently – making sure you’re following speed restrictions, aren’t breaking harshly and are changing gear at the right times will help you burn less fuel.


What’s an acceptable commute to work?

Well, it depends on what’s more important to you: the cost of your commute to work or the amount of time the journey takes you? Let us know in the comments below!




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