10 top tips for a stylish kids bedroom on a budget

Today – stylish kids bedroom on a budget


Are you looking to create a lovely and stylish kids bedroom on a budget ?

Will if so I have some fabulous thrifty tips for you   …

stylish kids bedroom on a budget

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How to create a stylish kids bedroom on a budget

  1. Enough storage really helps with kids rooms as they tend to have lots of stuff that can easily end up strewn about everywhere. Storage is vital and need not be expensive but oh it does wonders for the look of a room
  2. Teach you kids to have a quick tidy up each evening. 10 minutes whizz around picking up dirty clothes, putting away books and trains and goodness knows what makes all the difference and costs nothing (great habit for life too!)
  3. Painting it yourself should be pretty straightforward and will eave you with the paint and brushes for any touch ups.
  4. Decorate with photos of friends or your child art work. This can be changed regularly to keep up with their interests.
  5. Avoid a theme. Children  soon change their allegiance and spending a fortune on my little pony bedding and accessories will be regretted.
  6. Go neutral. Again children grow rapidly and what they like can alter quickly. Big purchases such as chairs , curtains, and beds need to be neutral.  My little girl is now pink averse and I am so glad we painted her room white rather than the vibrant purple she once declared she had to have and now hates! Posters in frames can show their interests at low cost ( or even a cheap cushion?) and can easily be updated!
  7.  Encourage your children to take pride in their room, perhaps give them a little plant to water or have them do the dusting. The more they take care of it themselves the more they will treasure it and treat their possessions well
  8.  Buy a decent bed that is big enough. Good beds can last years so do invest your child’s bed and make sure its not one they are goign to quickly grow out of.
  9.  Curb the clutter with regular decluttering fixes. Encourage the children to rotate their toys by storing some up the attic and donating  or selling on those they have grown out of . Too much stuff will always just look untidy .
  10.  Consider upcycling: I have a friend who turned her child’s wardrobe into a tardis. How absolutely cool is that! Just with a lick of paint and some imagination.  Check out Pinterest for upcycling inspiration

Most of the ideas I have given you cost nothing but really will make a big difference. So there you go how to create a stylish kids bedroom on a budget

10 top tips for a stylish kids bedroom on a budget


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    “10 top tips for a stylish kids bedroom on a budget” is an insightful post. If you want a stylish bedroom for your kid that is worthy of your budget, you must read this post.

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