10 Ways to Sleep Better during Travel

Today we are looking at ways to sleep better during travel:

Most of us are aware of the many benefits of good sleep quality but most aren’t aware how the value of such a sleep increases exponentially while travelling. It is crucial that you remain at your best state of body and mind while travelling to make the most of it. Be it business or pleasure, a good restful sleep can help recover the body from the fatigue caused by the journey and make the overall trip more productive.


10 Ways to Sleep Better during Travel

To make things simpler for you, we have brought together 10 ways to sleep better while you are travelling.  


#01 Book your Stay Carefully

One of the most important things you can do ahead of leaving on a trip is booking your stay with the utmost care as it is that one place where you would be winding down after the day’s toil. Go for a room that is away from any such places where there might be gathering or noise like those close to the swimming pool, elevator, park, etc. Never hesitate to nudge the hoteliers for a change of rooms if something else is still bothering your sleep.


Ways to Sleep Better during Travel




#02 Take your Pillow Along

Frequent travelers will agree that sometimes the difference between a good night of sleep and a bad one is brought on by the pillow you sleep on. It is therefore wise to play safe and carry the pillow on which you sleep on usually. This makes it easier for the mind to adapt to the new sleeping environment. While your regular horseshoe pillow might be good for napping on the go, it is better to carry along a Purple Pillow for the times you will be lying on a bed as their great for relieving pain that may have risen due to long hours of travel. Check out InsideBedroom’s review of the Purple Pillow to read a comprehensive review about the innovative new pillow.



Ways to Sleep Better during Travel


#03 The Sleeping Environment

Even if you are staying in a budget hotel, make sure that you receive the all the basic amnesties necessary for a good night’s sleep and recreating your bedroom environment. Read the online reviews beforehand and make sure that the room you book is airconditioned and has curtains that block out external light and noise. When you have plans to camp outside, be sure to carry a nice sleeping bag as you do not want the outside temperature to give you night chills.


#04 Rest Properly

The days before leaving on a trip can be particularly busy with all the packing, booking and taking care of unfinished business. However, it important that you do not end up losing out on your regular 7 to 9 hours of sleep. This helps you leave well-rested before travelling so that even if you are unable to sleep well for the first one or two days, you do not feel that you are actually traveling in your sleep. While travelling across different time zones it is important to gradually shift towards the time zone of your destination. Set your clock according to the new time zone at least 3 to 4 days in advance. Expose yourself to enough natural sunlight when you reach the destination ok that your internal clock can sync to that of your destination. 


#05 Take Melatonin

Melatonin is the natural sleep-inducing hormone of the body but it is also present naturally in some foods and also available as supplements. Therefore, include food item in rich in melatonin such as almonds, tart cherries, oats, etc., to help yourself sleep better. You can also carry a bunch melatonin pills which are commercially available.


#06 Pack Wisely

Packing well ahead of a trip not only takes off the stress away from your mind but also helps you add something on later that you might have forgotten. Remember to carry your night clothes that are comfortable and breathable enough to help you get cozy in your new environment. Also pack some essentials that will help you sleep peacefully even if your sleeping environment is not up to the task such as an eye mask, noise-cancelling earbuds, essential oils, etc. Items like these do not take up a lot of space in your luggage and also proof to be life-saving at some instances.



Ways to Sleep Better during Travel


#07 Drink More Water as a Ways to Sleep Better during Travel

A common mistake with travelers is that they do not drink enough water throughout the day and end up getting dehydrated. Drinking more water close to the bedtime may however also increase your night trips to the bathroom and everyone knows how hard it is to fall back asleep once you have woken up in a different sleeping environment. Also avoid caffeinated products after lunch hours as their stimulating effect can help you rejuvenate in the day but make it harder for you to fall asleep at night.


#08 Moderate Physical Activity

Just because you are travelling to a new place doesn’t mean that you should discard your existing workout schedule. Sneak out a little time to perform a light physical activity even when you are travelling as studies have proved in the past that even a moderate amount of exercise every day is very beneficial for the sleep health. Try to place your sessions in the earlier part of your day instead of doing it close to the bedtime.

#9 Ways to Sleep Better during Travel – Continue your Usual Bedtime Ritual

Just like your exercise session, remember to carry your bedtime ritual to the place you are travelling to. Even if you have had a busy day of attending meetings or visiting new places, a warm shower with a few drops of essential oils before bedtime can help your mind and body relax and prepare for the sleep ahead. Read a book, note the day’s happenings in a journal or listen to soft music to achieve a similar effect.


Ways to Sleep Better during Travel


#10 Avoid Nicotine and Alcohol

We understand that getting into new places and enjoying the night life becomes a key part of a trip, especially when you are travelling for the purpose of pleasure. However, it is important that you take it easy on the drinks and smokes if you do not want to wake up all groggy and tired the next day. Having alcohol before retiring to bedtime may even help you fall asleep but it destroys the later part of the sleep which is restorative and helps increase daytime alertness.


Ways to Sleep Better during Travel


Bottom line on Ways to Sleep Better during Travel

Failing to get enough sleep while travelling can lead to conditions like piling stress, grogginess, body pain, etc. But thankfully we can avoid all that just by being a little extra careful about our sleep quality and quantity. We hope that the tips mentioned above help you do just that. (oh and for kids a cuddly toy is a must!) 


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