5 fun free things to do in London for families

5 fun free things to do in London for families

Oh, I  love little more than a  spontaneous school holiday trip to London with my kids.


Travelling to London

We like best to hop on a train..not really book anything in advance and juts sort of see how the days unfold.  Do have a look here if you are wanting to get train tickets from Bedford to London St Pancras it could not be easier to book! I adore train journeys, don’t you? They are such a fab and fun way to travel allowing you lots of lovely time together and no one is stressed out by driving or trying to park.  Such a treat. We always take packed lunch and a water bottle too to keep costs down. We also always travel off-peak and with  family and friends railcard which can make a huge difference to costs.

Travelling in London

Get on your comfy shoes would be my advice and get walking. Almost all of London is walkable and you see so many amazing things along the way. If you have a good look at a map in advance you could plan a really good route. There is no rule that says you have to use a hot smelly crowded expensive Tube ( can you tell I am not a fan!) the London bus system is also good value, regular and extensive and may well be worth a look.


What to do for free in London

London’s parks are in my mind it’s greatest treasures – they are all so different and all so absolutely lovely. Some you can swim in, some have parks to play on, monuments to explore, trails to follow. My absolute favourite is Kensington Gardens which also houses the palace and the most absolutely gorgeous bronze statue of Pete Pan. Such a treat to visit and explore.


London museums – are just astonishing really full of the most exquisite treasures that will amaze the whole family. Look at this image below from the natural history museum. Just wow!


free things to do in London for families


More ree things to do in London for families

Then there are the awesome art galleries my favourite is the national portrait gallery which is such a fab way to introduce kids to new heroes depicted in the paintings and to get a lovely fill of awesome art,

Oh and London’s street art is a must-see! head to Shoreditch and juts wander about. Totally and completely amazing,

Last but not least the street entertainers found along the Southbank or in Covent Garden are only after a donation and they can entertain you all for hours.

London really is an inexpensive place to visit if you take full advantage of all the freebie treats it has to offer!


5 fun free things to do in London for families is a collaborative post you mihgt also like my post on  A LUXURY LONDON WEEKEND


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