How to sell your house despite the messy kids

How to sell your house despite the messy kids – let’s take a look.


How to sell your house despite the messy kids


How to sell your house despite the messy kids

Are you wondering how to sell your house depite the messy kids! Does it seem impossible? Don’t worry we have great tips for you here.

When most people think about the process of selling their home, they may automatically be reminded of the stress that the whole cycle can cause. The task of moving house is never made easier knowing that throughout you need to keep balancing family life.

Most families move home due to them wanting to expand or because they need more space for their children to grow. But, where do you start when selling your home? With input from the experts at The Property Buying Company this blog aims to guide you through the selling process with your messy kids on board.



Well done, you have managed to complete the first steps of the selling cycle. You have chosen your estate agent and they are now on their way to list your home on the market, so let’s get started!

In many homes, over time we end up accumulating all sorts of within our homes. Lots of objects these days we grow emotional attachment to, and it is not always easy to get rid of them. When you have children, the accumulation seems to double with toys and hand-me-downs that family and friends pass on.

Decluttering through the whole of your home can seem like the last thing you want to do; however, it is essential to selling your home.


How to sell your house


“Where should I start?”, well see if you can work room by room. Start in the living room, try to begin the process by going through draws or over-flowing toy boxes. If your children are in the house, try to get them involved, unless you think they will make more of a mess! It is crucial to have a tidy living area as buyers will want to visualise their belongings within your home.

A great way to declutter is by making piles. Pile one can be for objects that need to just be thrown out due to them being past their life span. Pile two, items that you no longer want that can be sent to a charity shop. Any objects around the house that aren’t in their original home, try to move them back to their original place.

Make sure you declutter every room, from the garage to the kitchen and even into that cupboard underneath the stair case where you throw things in.

Remember, even though the under the staircase cupboard doesn’t seem a lot to you, potential buyers may have an idea to transform this space into something different. So, despite your messy little ones, try to have everywhere decluttered.

By decluttering, it will also help when you move into your new home. Due to you decluttering before the listing your property, you won’t have as much to pack up when you go to leave the property. Hoorah!


Pin How to sell your house despite the messy kids


How to sell your house despite the messy kids

Clean Clean Clean

Oh no, the dreaded deep clean. Even if you have lived in your home in a short period of time, your home will need a clean. Over the time you have spent at your property, it will have seen sticky prints, spills, stains and all sorts created by accident from your children.


How to sell your house despite the messy kids 


When you go to clean, nowhere should be left untouched. Start from the top and work downwards.

Start with the ceiling, if you have had babies and toddlers living in your home, try to clean any stains on the ceilings from thrown food tantrums. Walls, check for any arty drawings from your little treasures. If there are any, then have a good scrub to try remove any crayon colours. If that isn’t working, see if you have any paint left over from when you decorated the room and repaint the wall.

There may seem like lots to do, however the benefits will reap once potential buyers see how well-maintained your home is. In turn, this will create a brilliant first impression and show your home is loved.


How to sell your house despite the messy kids


Staging – How to sell your house despite the messy kids 

Now that you have decluttered, cleaned, double cleaned and tripled cleaned, what is the next stage?

Well, this may be the hardest step yet. You need to try keep your home this clean for the photographer and viewings. Now this may seem like a tricky task, but with help from all the family, you can do it.

When it comes to keeping the house clean and tidy, this needs to be a family affair!


How to sell your house despite the messy kids – pick you times!

There will be two types of occasions where your home needs to be tidy. Firstly, when an estate agent comes around to take photos of your home. It is pivotal to have your home tidy as pictures need to match the descriptions written by the estate agent.

Usually, it takes a photographer a few hours to get the best photos of your home. If you can, try and get a favour from a family member or friend to occupy your children by taking them away from the house.

Secondly, your home needs to be as clean as possible for viewings. Potential buyers will have already seen the photos taken by the estate agents, and won’t expect your home to be picture perfect; Although, it does need to be presentable. You need to prepare your children and home for viewings as they can be arranged at a drop of a hat.


How to sell your house despite the messy kids


Planning Viewings – How to sell your house despite the messy kids

Now to find the right buyer. If your children are not happy about moving house, this can seem like a difficult job to sort. But you can do this…you can sell your house despite the messy kids

Fear not! You are on your way to selling your home. To make sure that everything runs as smoothly as possible, you need to create a game plan for your planned viewings.

Firstly, try and work out in advance when viewings can take place that benefit your family.

For example, your two girls may be at a sports club on a Tuesday night until late. If so, perfect! See if you can show potential buyers around your home at that time. This could be an ideal opportunity; however, you need to make sure you are able to prepare your home in advance for these viewings. Work back from the time slot and try to keep on top of your cleaning.


How to sell your house despite the messy kids


An ideal world

In an ideal world, the best thing to do is clean your home weekly and have your children out of the house for viewings. However, life doesn’t always work like this. Try to see if you can enlist the help of family and friends. Ask them to occupy your children at times of viewings by taking them to the local park or something along those lines. With your children out of the way, your home won’t be as messy.

If you are unable to do either of these things, then don’t worry. Why not make a ‘buyers’ book’? This could be a book that showcases your home and gives prospective buyers a flavour of living within the home. It could include the best parts of your home and before and after photos of where you may have added or changed parts of your property.

Buyers will appreciate the effort you have made and this will make up for the fact that your home isn’t as clean as possible.


How to sell your house despite the messy kids 


So there you go – top tips on how to sell your house despite the messy kids – moving can be so stressful  do check out my post on things to do before your house goes up for sale  and how to speed up your house sale you may also want to read my post on how to be a calm parent


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