How to Keep your Home Tidy

How to keep your home tidy

Do you  know how to keep your home tidy?


how to keep your home tidy



Housekeeping is like being caught in a revolving door – Marcelene Cox


How to keep your home tidy

You may have recently ready my tips on how to keep your home spick and span

But what about knowing how to keep your home tidy?

There was a great article in the Guardian recently about how a tidy house and a tidy mind are not necessarily connected – what do you think about this? I personally feel 10% more organised and ordered if I know my house is in order.

Is it true though I wonder that “If you organise your possessions, the rest of your life will magically fall into place.”

Gosh I hope so..I crave some order over my space and over my mind. 


How to keep your home tidy and how I fail

I leave piles of books and letter and bits of paper all around my home. My bedside table often groans with the weight of the books I have piled on top of it.

My husband banned me from having a beautiful coffee table in the lounge because I kept filling it with stuff and he kept knocking it off.

My desk has cold coffee cups on mail, blutack, money a broken watch, cheque books, broken biros, a cotton reel, 3 diaries and a shower cap. It is a very small desk. Oh, I am such a clutter bug.

As we have been having a home makeover I have tried very hard to be more decisive because it is indeed lack of decisiveness that cause things such as shower caps to reside on my desk. Where to put it you see. no drawer space in the bathroom. Certainly of no use on my desk.

In the past I would just keep buying more storage and filling it up again when things got in a mess. But I am trying to spend less money and have less stuff too.


How to keep your home tidy


Nothing inspires cleanliness more than an unexpected guest – Radhika Mundra


Keep on, keeping on in  – they key to knowing how to keep your home tidy

The key is to keep decluttering. To make decisive decisions about where things go and place them there even if this does mean getting rid. When junk mail comes through the door after a quick glance I should pop it in the recycling but I  never do,  it sits amidst mail for weeks. Time for a change!

Once I have cracked this then maybe I can have a coffee table back and have just a cup of coffee and a lovely book on it rather than 101 bits and bobs that just annoy my other half!

Are you a clutterer or perhaps a hoarder?

D you feel you already know how to keep your home tidy. If you do why not pop me a comment sharing your top tips




Piggy bank. 3d render


Have you ever taken anything out of the clothes basket because it had become, relatively, the cleaner thing? – Kathrine Whitehorn


How to Keep your Home Tidy – over to you – do you know the secret? 


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