How to brew great coffee with a Cafetiere

Today – How to brew great coffee with a Cafetiere

Horsham Coffee Roaster specializes in sourcing and roasting amazing coffees from around the world. They have direct links with producers in Rwanda, Costa Rica, Kenya and Brazil. Working directly with coffee farmers means better prices for producers. All of their coffees are sourced at higher than fairtrade prices, and some producers are paid up to 3 times the Fairtrade minimum for the excellent coffee they produce.

Their handy cafetiere brew guide will help you to get the best from your coffee. In order to make great coffee at home, the first thing to do is to ensure that you are buying great quality, freshly roasted coffee. The most common mistake people make is to buy coffee off the shelf in a local shop, this is usually fairly old, and freshly roasted coffee makes a big difference!

You can also improve your coffee making by grinding coffee fresh before brewing. The best way to do this is to use a burr grinder (never a flat blade), and you can buy these from Horsham Coffee Roaster. Once you’ve ground your coffee, simply follow the instructions in the cafetiere brew guide. It’s very important to make sure that you use filtered water. Tap water can vary, water that is either too soft or too hard can have a very negative effect on the flavours of the brewed coffee. We recommend using water that is just off the boil, around 95 degrees. Simply boil the kettle and wait about 20 seconds before using the water to brew coffee.

Using a set of scales will also help to improve your coffee brewing allowing you to weigh the coffee and water. Finally, timing the brew will help to ensure that you always infuse the coffee for the same length of time. We hope this Cafetiere guide helps you to brew better coffee at home! ( you might also like my post on reasons to love coffee )


How to brew great coffee with a Cafetiere

brew great coffee with a Cafetiere


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