How to Save Money on Your Garden Re-Design

Today – How to Save Money on Your Garden Re-Design


How to Save Money on Your Garden Re-Design


How to Save Money on Your Garden Re-Design

Embarking on a garden re-design can be an exciting endeavour with the potential to completely transform your outside space.

However, an outdoor revamp can also be an expensive process and is one home refurbishment that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

As the old saying goes, “you get what you pay for” and this is definitely applicable to garden design, where good things don’t come cheap and cheap things don’t come good.

Meanwhile, unforeseen costs can and often do rear their ugly heads along the way, adding further pressure to an already pressurised budget.

That being said, there are a few ways to responsibly manage your budget and keep costs down along the way Like how to save a dying plant for example.

Here’s a few insider tips designed to help you curb your unnecessary spending and put some sense behind your garden expense.


Get Your Hands Dirty

When planning your garden re-design, perhaps the most obvious way to instantly slice costs is to roll up your sleeves and get stuck in.

Hiring third-party labourers and external landscape gardeners can be a costly endeavour that can eat into your kitty like a zombie in a cattery.

As such, considerable money can be saved by simply doing it yourself so it’s well worth taking the DIY approach wherever possible.

What’s more, manual labour is a great form of exercise, while demolition jobs can be surprisingly effective stress-relievers, providing healthy bonuses to the tasks at hand.

Meanwhile, the price of material removal alone can see costs instantly inflate like a hot air balloon. Eliminate unnecessary costs like this by taking the bull by the budgetary horns.


How to Save Money on Your Garden Re-Design


Sow What?

Like anything in life, convenience and quick turnarounds cost money. As such, expect established plants, read-to-lay turf and pre-existing shrubs to demand a sizeable chunk of change.

While it will undoubtedly take longer to materialise, taking the slow-burn route of planting seeds and cultivating your plants over time could save you hundreds and leave you with the same result in a couple of years or less.



First-Class Second-Hand Goods

When it comes to saving money on your garden re-design, one of the best ways to by-pass the hefty costs of garden furniture is to seek solace in second-hand goods.

New garden furniture sets bought straight from the store can garner costs that literally scale into the thousands, particularly if you want something of high-quality.

However, there’s no reason you can’t achieve first-class results with second-hand goods. In many cases, pre-loved items can be found in excellent condition that’s perfectly fit for re-use.

Meanwhile, even if they aren’t in mint condition, they can often be salvaged with a bit of TLC and creative flair. Which leads us nicely to our next point…


Ride the Upcycle

If you’re a dab hand with a paintbrush and a whiz with a sander, upcycling old furniture is the perfect way to breathe new life into old goods.

In fact, the results of a simple lick of paint can, at times, be jaw-dropping and can quickly turn yesterday’s news into a hot commodity.

While this can be extremely effective for traditional furniture, like garden chairs and table, this can also present the perfect opportunity to explore your creative side.

An old barrel can make the perfect garden countertop, breeze blocks and railway sleepers can quickly become a garden bench and even old pallets – sanded, painted and adorned with cushions – can instantly find a new life as a uniquely enticing seating area.

As long as the materials you’re working with are structurally sound, a colourful revamp or a creative repurpose could extend the life of your items considerably and save you big bucks in the process.



Hollow Victory

Adding a decking area to your outside space can seem like a pipe dream for anyone working to a tight budget or looking to save the pennies.

However, that’s not always the case. In fact, there are certain types of composite decking that are affordable enough to turn that pipe dream into a reality.

Hollow composite decking is the latest innovation in the world of deck flooring, providing a beautiful wood-look aesthetic in a budget-friendly, man-made product.

Featuring cuboid or cylindrical channels running through the entire length of each board, less material is used in the creation of these decking products.

The price tag reflects this reduction and, as a result, it’s not unusual for hollow composite decking to cost a fraction of the price of its solid composite counterparts.

So, if you’re planning a garden renovation on a budget, this should help you make some cost-effective choices that won’t compromise quality!


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    My mother loves gardening and she always let me show her garden when my husband and I visit her. The next time we visit, I’ll let her show this. Great tips!

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