I struggle with housework, do you?

I really do struggle with housework. I want to pay a cleaner to come and do the house for me so I can put it all out of my mind. I can’t afford to do this but my goodness wouldn’t it be fantastic just not to have to think.

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I struggle with housework, do you?

Throwing money at the problem of housework is not going to make it go away. Even if I had a cleaner it could still be up to  me to empty the dishwasher , sort the laundry, sweep up the mess under the table make the beds replace the toilet roll, clean the windows, empty the bin, wipe the surfaces,etc. It is the same every day and some jobs need doing several times a day and it really bores and annoys me. I’m not good at getting into a routine with it, I put it off then it piles up and completely overwhelms me.

I feel burdened by housework as well as bored by it. I do more than my husband and he expects that though this is all unsaid and that make s me feel pigeonholed and a bit oppressed.


Yet when I am well stocked up with Cleaning Supplies when the radio is on Desert Island Discs  (which I adore since turning 40!) and I am well into the housework then I feel great. I feel like I am contributing to a lovely environment for my family to live in and I take real pleasure in that.

The problem it seems lies in the procrastinating, putting off and thinking about it not actually in the doing it.

And afterwards? Ah well them I feel relived, happy, proud and satisfied. Having a calm. clean well ordered home makes me feel calm and organised. It helps me work more efficiently, cook better and sort the kids out with a lot less stress. A  tidy house bring s me peace.

So yes housework, If I could stop thinking about and just do it all would be well. It’s a bit like the problems I have with my weight!

So as this week begins I resolve to just plan it in my diary like an appointment, stop thinking about it and get on and do it and maybe all will be well and I’ll stay on top of it  this time.

I will report back on my struggle with housework!


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