John Lewis Bedroom Makeover on a Budget: Part 3

John Lewis Bedroom Makeover
John lewis bedroom makeover on a budget part 3



John Lewis Bedroom Makeover

Well I showed you what my bedroom looked like before we had input from John Lewis Home design team and I have showed you some ideas we have come up with so far.

John Lewis bedroom makeover post 1

John Lewis bedroom makover post 2

I left you last time with some ideas that I had come up with alongside Daniel Hayley form the Home design service team and he went to work on pulling together our ideas into a concrete plan. It was very exciting to be called into John Lewis to hear what Daniel had decided upon.

What if I hated it?

We were at stage 2 now of the home design process and I was a bit scared!

Here is how the service works

How the John Lewis Bedroom Makeover service works

In-store service

If you’re just looking to make some minor changes, or have a good understanding of what you want, then you can  book a free appointment with an adviser in any John Lewis shop. From decision-making to delivery, they’ll work with you through the entire process, giving you ideas on restyling or refreshing.

At-home consultation

For more ambitious projects – like this one –  at-home consultation is useful . This will cost £200, refundable against the cost of made-to-order products you buy for your project.

Step 1

An advisor will visit your home to get a real feel for the space and a thorough understanding of your lifestyle, preferences and tastes. They’ll bring swatches, catalogues and selection of books to help you decide on the look you want.

Step 2

This initial visit will be followed up by an in-store appointment where your adviser will show you some of the ideas they’ve put together for your scheme. This allows you to start visualizing how your room will look,

Step 3

Once you’re happy to proceed with the design, your adviser will help bring the various elements together, such as processing your orders, arranging fitting of items and delivery of others. They’ll even make sure that everything has arrived safely and that you’re happy with the end result.

Okay so I am at step 2 and in I go to meet Daniel and my plan. I love LOVELOVELOVE the home design office within my local John Lewis branch. It is warm, funky and inspiring.
home deighn 1
home deign2
Daniel had pulled together some awesome products inspired form his visit and our shared thoughts and managed to get every single thing we needed for the room on budget.
It came to exactly £399!


I had just 2 slight concerns. The products looked very neutral…would the room look a bit boring?
The paint cost £60 on it ‘s own though which also shocked me. Daniel assured me the paint was amazing and would be worth every penny. Hmm.
Daniel assured me the neutrals would look wonderful and enable me to change the room at any point without having to reinvest in everything. Budget classics that would last the distance. So the intended  putty coloured cushion faun and taupe coloured light shades would go with many palettes. I was  excited to see how they would look.


I was also very shocked to see masking tape amongst the items though…’What’s that for’ ? I queried  well its for when you are painting. Daniel replied. ‘But isn’t everything meant to be from John Lewis??’  ‘It is’ he explained ‘we sell absolutely everything you could need to redecorate a room, really even the very smallest item.’


Well that shattered my illusion about John Lewis as just a posh furniture and accessories shop right then and there!
John Lewis really do sell everything you could possibly need for DIY  and Home Decorating!
We had wallpaper paste, wallpaper, masking tape, paint brushes, rollers and trays, paint. They even sell
Buy Fit For The Job DIY Sanding Kit Online at
Our poor painter had his work curt out sprucing up this room he said he had never filled so many cracks in his life. Doesn’t it look shabby all cleared out and ready to go …
The room needed to have all the cracks filled, be completely cleared and have  a neutral carpet laid and be painted and wallpapered before all the goodies to dress the room would arrive.
I could hardly wait


The John Lewis decorating products were put to work and Craig (our painter) was impressed by the quality. Particularly the Sanderson paint…. he declared it wonderful!

Oh the chaos of having our bedrooms decorated sleeping on airbeds in the lounge, kids clothes and our clothes everywhere no space to f to just be away from people. This is one room I can’t wait to finish.

Come back next week for the final reveal

 I hope you have enjoyed our John Lewis Bedroom Makeover so far




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  1. Carol Hardin
    August 27, 2013 / 08:15

    What a beautiful makeover Becky!!! I go through your previous posts (part1 & part2) and read the makeover tips. I think these are very helpful and outstanding home makeover ideas and now I also want to get my home redecorated. You have provided me the inspiration for this task. Thanks a lot Becky. I really have no words for you. You are outstanding!!!!

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