Tips for Achieving Your Weight Loss Resolution

Today – Tips for Achieving Your 2020 Weight loss Resolution


Tips for Achieving Your 2020 Weight loss Resolution

The end of the year is approaching, meaning we already have our New Year resolutions in mind. Nobody likes the additional weight gained throughout last year so a diet can often be at the top of the list. Just like with any other resolution (most of which we struggle with), you need a plan.

It is possible to lose weight within weeks but will you be able to maintain that? The best way is through a natural, slow process using methods that you will be able to keep up for a lifetime. There’s no point losing weight fast only to gain it back again as quickly as you lost it. Below are some tips you can follow to achieve your 2020 weight loss resolution.

2020 Weight loss Resolution


Have a Good Sleep – a great 2020 Weight loss Resolution

Add more sleeping time in 2020 if you want it to be your slimming year. The economic times may be hard, and there may be a temptation to work more hours, but good sleep is equally important to exercise and eating healthy when it comes to weight loss. Studies have shown that lack of sleep and poor sleep quality are risk factors for obesity, especially if you regularly sleep less than five hours a night. Scientists say that inadequate sleep slows down the process of converting calories to energy. The unconverted calories are then stored in the body as fat, hence leading to obesity.



Calorie Counting Tips for Achieving Your 2020 Weight loss Resolution

A calorie counter is one of the simplest methods of managing your caloric intake. There are a lot of mobile apps and online sites with calorie counters that can help you. Knowing the energy content of your favourite foods will help you make better dieting decisions. All foods have nutritional value labels where you can get the information, or you can also use apps that scan product barcodes and give their nutritional facts. Knowing the calorie count of your food will allow you to tailor your diet to any weight loss goal.


 2020 Weight loss Resolution


2020 Weight loss Resolution? Regular Exercise is key

The relationship between exercise and weight loss is not as clear cut as you might imagine, as people who exercise regularly may compensate by eating more throughout the day. And although it’s evident that exercise helps in burning calories, the weight loss effect may take weeks or months to become noticeable. Working out may not even translate to a drop in your weight at all due to the weight gained as muscle, but it is still healthy. Even if you don’t see the gains of exercise physically, the benefits to your general wellbeing are unmatched.



Tips for Achieving Your 2020 Weight loss Resolution? Drink More Water and Less Alcohol

Drinking more water before a meal is an effective way of ‘cheating’ your body into eating less. People typically feel less hungry after drinking water, and that will lead to eating less food. This is borne out by studies that have found an increase in water intake is associated with a significant reduction in body weight over time.

Furthermore, a lot of people don’t consider what they drink as a contributor to calorie intake but replacing our regular drinks such as tea, coffee, soft drinks and fruit juices with water can lead to a considerable decrease in caloric intake.

Apart from saving you a lot of money, reducing your alcohol intake will also contribute to better health. Alcoholic drinks are full of calories and also increase our appetite – people are prone to eating a lot of unhealthy stuff when drinking. Reducing your alcohol intake or quitting will save you from all these extra calories.


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See a Doctor if Necessary to really get your 2020 Weight Loss Resolution on track

Having a doctor’s advice is always an advantage given that they have better knowledge about weight loss than you do. Doctors sometimes prescribe Orlistat for obese people. This fat loss medication can also help to prevent regaining the weight you lost. Orlistat works by blocking your body from breaking down fats in your diet. The undigested fat is then passed out of your body as waste instead of being stored under your skin.


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