Top tips for creating a study space in your child’s room

Top tips for creating a study space in your child’s room

It is really important for a child to have a defined space in which to study. It means they won’t get distracted when they are doing so because they area in which they are working is properly defined for that purpose. It means also that they should have everything they need to hand.



My kids have for quite some time been study in at the kitchen table, they talk to me constantly, put their homework down amidst all sorts of other piles of paper and it gets lost. Sometimes they put their homework down on a mucky kitchen table too. NOT a good idea.



It takes them ages, they ask for my help (too much) and generally studying in the kitchen just does not work for my kids.

Having a study space in their bedroom is something I have been thinking about for a while. I can see so many benefits but I want to make sure I get it right for them. We don;t have lots and lots of space in hour home so the area needs to be defined and well organised. here are my top tips

The right desk

The right desk is really important. Bending over their laptop or workbooks on their bed is going to make your child feel both tired and uncomfortable so a suitable desk is important. It needs to be big enough to hold laptop pen pots and a few books. It doesn’t need to be so big that it dominates the room and all they think about is studying. Children’s bed shop do some lovely desks for kid’s rooms do some lovely desks for kids room that span the ages and stages of childhood. I particularly like this one as it is sleek and simple a good size and has good storage.



Shelving above the desk is a really good idea. A space to store reference books and folders so they are easily accessible and don’t get lost in the midst of a child’s bedroom. Making hem reachable is important too.

A good chair

A good chair matters a great deal. it needs to be the right height, comfortable supportive and encourage good posture. Do  your reasearh on desk chairs suitable for your child’s height and age. Sometimes they will be studying intensely and it is important their posture is correct.


If a child has all they need to study nearby they are much less likely to get up and start wandering about and getting distracted. You probably will need to provide pencils, pens, rubbers, rulers, calculator, paper for note-taking , a stapler, paper clips, felt tips and a maths set , with a compass , protractor etc. Having a desk with drawer to keep these things all together and readily accessible will help a great deal.

study space in your child's room

A clock

If your child uses their phone as a timer there are probably 101 other things they will find to use it for when they should be studying. A simple little alarm clock will enable them to set a timer and keep track of the time without proving to be a distraction,

I hope these study space idea have proven useful! have  alook at my post on the best GCSE revision tips








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