Simple back to school money saving tips

back to school money saving tips

Back to school money saving tips

Are you looking for back to school money saving tips?

Back to school looms and my daughter is going up to secondary school and my sons starting his GCSE years. Wow.  Time has indeed flown these past few years.  I love the relaxed vibe of the holidays and thinking about going back to school stresses me out! Still, I am an old hand now so here are some of my best and simplest back to school money saving tips to help you too.


back to school money saving tips


 5 simple back to school money saving tips

  1. The most important back to school preparation does not involve cost it involves practicalities such as being back in a wake up early routine, being organised, knowing the route etc. have a look at the list of things to have organised for the first day back at school costs nothing but time/effort.
  2. Dark coloured bags will last way longer – no  matter what the fashion keeping bags neutral and dark will make your money stretch further
  3. Packed lunch bags need to be washable/wipeable and in a design that won’t lose its appeal after the next TV show craze. Think longevity and quality and your money will last longer,
  4. Ditto water bottles get a good quality bottle that won’t leak but go for something they will like long term.
  5. Label, label, label, label, label. Have I said it enough times? If you don’t you are very likely to be replacing things within the first term!



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