How to get a David Lloyd Free Day Pass

Today we are going to to take a look at How to get a David Lloyd Free Day Pass and David Lloyd Gym Review


David Lloyd Free Day Pass, How to get a David Lloyd Free Day Pass


How to get a David Lloyd Free Day Pass plus gym review

I have long wondered how to get a David Lloyd free day pass – now I know!

So I  have now been going to David Lloyd gym for 2 weeks and I have lots to report. Firstly, I have lost 2lbs. Yippee. Not earth shattering I Iknow but I haven’t started tackling my diet yet at all and it is a good start so I am chuffed.

I love to share  frugal fitness tips  and today I am going to tell you how to get a David Lloyd free day pass


how to get a David Lloyd free day pass

David Lloyd Free Day Pass


David Lloyd Gym Personal Trainers

I met with one of the David Lloyd gym personal trainers for a gym induction and oh my goodness was that a revelation. I could barely do 10 minutes on the exercise bike.

I was breathless and sweating. Way more unfit than I thought. I think this personal makeover is long overdue. My coach was lovely to me though, really constructive and supportive and such a positive cheerleader.

He made me feel fantastic and capable.

kettleball, How to get a David Lloyd Free Day Pass

You can see a gym personal trainer whilst using your David Lloyd free day pass and it is well worth it. You can see more about my personal David Lloyd experience here


My experience at David Lloyd Gym and how a David Lloyd free day pass can let you experience it too

We talked about what exercise I do presently (nothing! I am embarrassed to say) and what my goals are (they are ambitious I want to lose about 86 lbs in total  I am now at 84. The only way is DOWN! 

My BMI is 39.3 which is obese/morbidly obese so I need to get that right down too.


David Lloyd Free Day Pass


Okay then!

I felt ashamed by my lack of fitness how on earth have I got to this point. 9 years ago when I met my husband I was slim and healthy. Still, that’s why I am doing this project and I will be fit and healthy again.



I think many women neglect themselves as a result of having kids and needing to earn money, there just isn’t much ME time left was feeling overwhelmed and a little bit emotional but my instructor at David Lloyd encouraged me to focus and just fix small, achievable goals.


A david lloyd family day pass

Once I have sorted myself out a david lloyd family day pass is definitely something on my possibilities list!


David Lloyd Free Day Pass can lead to GOALS!

We decided to aim for a 7lb loss in the first 4 weeks and to attempt to get into a dress one size lower than I am now. This felt really manageable and took some of the aggghhh feelings away.


David Lloyd Free Day Pass


He set me up with a simple routine (still exhausting ) and encouraged me to come 3 x per week. He showed me very clearly how to use the equipment and what to do. He was so positive and encouraging it got me over my wobbles.


How I am getting on with my David Lloyd free day pass and what it has led too

I have been 6 times to the club in the last 2 weeks, 3 swimming and 3 to the gym. A chest infection and poorly great grandma impacted but that’s okay..that’s life I just need to do more this week and address my eating too.


David Lloyd free day pass, How to get a David Lloyd Free Day Pass

Not me..not yet!


David Lloyd Gym facilities

I love the swimming at David Lloyd, the pool is a good size and there is a recreation line and speed defined lanes too.

Children are always welcome. On the weekend the sun was shining and I sat outside on a lounger chatting to a school mum friend whilst my daughter played with her pals from school in the large outdoor pool for several hours. It was like being on holiday in Spain.


I also went to the jacuzzi and in the steam room so I am definitely making sure I have some relax and unwind time too. This has got to be just as important for my well being as exercise,

Our club has a lovely play area for the kids and a fab cafe with wifi, computers and a ton of healthy snacks. It really is a little world unto itself. It is so worth getting a David Lloyd free day pass and giving it a go



David Lloyd day pass cost


How much does a David Lloyd day pass cost?

Nothing at all! 


David Lloyd Gym Reviews

So far I am impressed with my gym membership. I wish I had more time though to use it more  (but I am always wishing for more time!) Do have a look at other people’s reviews though and do try and get your hands on a David Llyod free day pass so you review it for yourself.


Get a David Lloyd Free Day Pass

You can often get a David Lloyd free day pass. Do give your local club a call and see when they next have one available. It is always a good idea to try before you buy! My well being project is going well! 


As well as a David Llyod one day pass you can also get a David Lloyd week pass and a David Lloyd 10 day pass, just make some enquiries and see what they can offer you. Before you make a commitment it is a really good idea to have a  feel for if it is going to work for you.



Pop on over here for some more 10 ways to fitness on a budget ideas


David Lloyd 3 month membership, benefits of David Lloyd, How to get a David Lloyd Free Day Pass


From  a David Lloyd Free Day Pass to a  David Lloyd 3 month membership

Due to school holidays and my rather limited attention span the David Lloyd 3 month membership would be a great option for me. All you have to do is complete a form here expressing your interest in a David Lloyd 3 month membership and a staff member at your local club will be in touch.


David Lloyd Membership Offers including How to get a David Lloyd Free Day Pass

There are a range of David Lloyd membership offers and these changes on a fairly regular basis, You can expect new offers prior to the summer or at New Year on Black Friday, etc.



They have a variety of different offer at any given time to suit your individual needs. You can explore current David Lloyd Membership offers here but do remember their offers vary from club to club so do talk to your local club.


David Lloyd Gym Membership Cost

Well, it includes so much it was never going to be a really cheap gym to join but it is many exercise classes, a lovely lounge, wifi, spa, pool, tennis courts and once you join one you can access any.

You have to enquire to be given exact prices but do be aware off-peak options are available so do ask about those too.


David Lloyd guest pass rules

These will change form club to club so do enquire when you book in to make sure you are following them. 


David Lloyd Gym locations

As you can see there are a huge number of David Lloyd gym locations around the UK and there is absolutely bound to be one somewhere near you

David Lloyd Gym locations, david lloyd free day pass


There is sure to be one near you!

Have a look at this interactive map of David Lloyd gym locations to find one near to you


Family Membership at David Lloyd Gym

I know a number of families who have Family Membership at David Lloyd Gym and it works out to be a lovely social membership for them all that meets there individual needs as well as keeping them together.

David Lloyd is a safe fun place for youngsters to make friends and gain a little independence whilst their parents are still nearby.  Take a look below at the many benefits for families.


Be happy be  you

If you are working on your teens wellbeing I have a brand new book out Be happy be You full of happiness boosting tips for teens,  do take a look!


becky goddard., becky goddard-hill, be happy be you


Get a David Lloyd Free Day Pass and experience the Benefits of David Lloyd Gym

Gosh, there are just so many to your  David Lloyd Free Day Pass

  1. They are everywhere! So once you are a member even if you away from home you will find one nearby
  2. They are a great place for families and have something for the whole family to enjoy as well as often having playschemes and creche facilities and kids clubs.
  3. They often have outdoor pools and what could be better on a sunny day
  4. Their tennis facilities are exceptional
  5. Their lounge bars are warm, welcoming and have great food
  6. There are so many exercise classes to choose from.
  7. Their coaches are truly superb


The david lloyd day pass price is ZERO!

Perfect for families on a budget. No need to worry about david lloyd guest pass price as its not going to break your bank anytime soon – be sure to tell your pals!


David Lloyd Free Day Pass

David Lloyd Free Day Pass


David lloyds day pass – final thoughts

So I could go on and on about the benefits of David Lloyd Gym I suggest now you know how to get a David Lloyd free day pass offer you grab the offer and trial it for yourself.

I do hope you have found my post on How to get a David Lloyd Free Day Pass to be really useful.

You might also like to take a look at my frugal fitness tips and my post on slimming on a budget


Now off you go to get your David Lloyd Free Day Pass and get your david lloyd free trial



  1. March 26, 2014 / 17:09

    Reading through this reminded me of my first days after I had enrolled at the gym. I huffed and puffed on the treadmill, feeling very unfit. I am glad I have made progress. I am not where I want to be, but I am not where I was. Keep going!

  2. January 2, 2020 / 11:21

    Hi I would like to get a free day pass or a weeks pass to see how I go I would be interested in membership but would like to try it out first if I can.

  3. Tanya Attrell
    September 16, 2021 / 08:25

    I would like a free week pass, as I have had surgery on my knee, although it has heeled on the out side I am still struggling to walk & put weight on it. My physio recommendations are to join a gym to build up my muscle in my leg.

  4. dylan fraser
    September 23, 2021 / 09:44

    i would like to get a free day pass to experience what it is like i am 16 and have tried other gyms and spas and would like to try it out cause the photos look amazing and if it is good id be looking to get a membership

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