5 ways to make your kitchen look amazing on a budget



ways to make your kitchen look amazing on a budget

Ways to make your kitchen look amazing on a budget

I am constantly on the lookout for ways to make my kitchen look amazing on a budget.

There are many ways to an awesome kitchen and all sorts of styles and designs are out there on the market. Pick one and there you have it a brand new and fabulous kitchen. But what if you ware on a budget and cannot afford to have a full kitchen redesign by an expert, or to but a whole new kitchen?

Actually, there are lots of ways to make your kitchen look amazing on a budget and with minimal disruption and effort.

Here are my top 5 ways to make your kitchen look amazing on a budget


Changing your worktops

Changing your kitchen worktops has a dramatic impact on your kitchen, Silestone worktops  are just a fabulous choice if you are looking to upgrade. Silestone is one of the most popular of all worktop surfaces as it is really easy to fit, non-porous, antibacterial and really scratch resistant. It also comes in a wide range of styles and designs.  Silestone prices are competitive and simply by changing your worktops you can bring a really high-end finish to your kitchen



Kitchens that could look amazing are often so cluttered it is hard to see passed it. Clear kitchen surfaces always look better with just a few favourite/ often used items left out. Finding space in your cupboards to pop away scales. blenders, cookbooks, etc. This will open up your kitchen space and make it look so much better. The only cost will be your time.



A fresh lick of paint instantly updates any room that looks tired but why not go a step further and inject some colour into your kitchen  painting the walls (or just a wall if you are feeling a little unsure) If you are looking for inspiration the new Pantone colour of the year is living coral ( a sort of a warm pink!) it would certainly transform a kitchen! I think a yellow might be more my thing.


Create a display

Open shelving is a lovely way to create a display in a kitchen. Coloured bottles or mismatched china cups can all look wonderful. For me, a shelf of inspiring cookbooks would add some interest and colour. My aunt has a beautiful collection of teapots in her kitchen proudly adorning the shelves – just gorgeous.



A new floor would be fabulous and there are some wonderful wood style laminates around that really do emulate wooden floors. If your budget won’t stretch to that why not consider a kitchen rug. Get one that is washable though as kitchens often take the spills!

I could go on advising you to get the best kitchen table you can possibly afford because you will spend hours at it.  I’d like to tell you always to keep flowers in your kitchen because they add vibrancy and life to what can sometimes be a sterile room. I want to tell you to keep fruit on display for the same reasons. To get dimmer switches and good lighting and so much more.

The kitchen in the absolute heart of a home and it is really important you love it. It is absolutely possible to have a fabulous kitchen that you love.

I hope you have enjoyed my post on 5 ways to make your kitchen look amazing on a budget.



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