The best budget accent pieces for your home


When it comes to accessorizing your home and making a big splash for only a little spending you really have to start with cushions. They can change the whole mood of a lounge or bedroom through colour, texture or size. And they can have such a big impact for such little outlay. Cushion covers are also a super speedy room update that require little effort, so this way of updating a room is always popular.

This monochrome striped rectangular cushion is simple and minimalistic, it would add a contemporary feel to a room and keep it super stylish.

Cushion covers in soft velvet are absolutely on trend and would give a modern yet soft and cosy look to a room. They say come and relax and are warm and inviting in their velvetiness.

Mustard is such a strong colour right now too and the velvet and the colour combined add a really rich and warm tone.

Simply Cushions


Cushion covers in large sizes invite you to chill and are perfect as floor cushions. They provide extra seating and a relaxed vibe and they are such an inexpensive alternative to introducing new furniture.



As well as cushions, lighting is a popular choice for a budget accessory that really makes an impact.  Whether you a choose a funky shade that becomes a statement piece in its own right or lots of smaller lamps to create a cosy look,  a change of lighting really can alter an atmosphere. You can see in the picture below how the pretty lamp adds a touch of femininity to quite a plain room and works with the flowers to make the room look a lot more romantic.

Candles are another lovely way to do this and fragranced candles are such a wonderful addition to a home and can really create a mood.

I love lemongrass candles to revitalise a space with their fresh and zingy fragrance. I would choose more amber toned candles to cosy up a space with their warm musky tones. Candles are worth every penny – changing the mood and energy of a home in a flash.!



Oh, how plants breathe life into a home. Houseplants have been really popular over the last few years and their popularity sees no sign of waning. We are all trying to be greener and we are increasingly aware how good it is for us to be amongst nature and living things. Plants are an inexpensive way of adding both colour and vibrancy into a home.



Plants don’t cost much but to keep them looking good they do need some nurturing. So, unless you have a little time to spare and love to give I say go faux!

A home does not have to be full of expensive things in order to look good. Budget accents can make such a huge difference and can make a home feel loved. They can also update a home really quickly and keep it looking fresh and cared for.

What are your favourite budget accents to introduce to a home?






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